Awarded by one of the most respected schools of management in the world, your Kellogg MBA automatically places you in the top tier of business school graduates. Placing in the top 10 one-year MBAs from top US b-schools, the Kellogg one-year MBA program may be a good fit for you if you want to return to the workplace as fast as possible.

1. The one-year program MBA program at Kellogg 

1.1. How it works

In general, one-year MBA programs are an intense experience, where all the learning and activities are packed into a 10-12 month time-frame. It also requires  much more focus and clarity of career goals and may not be suitable for career changers.

Most one-year MBA program students (around 85 enrolling each year) would start with a highly pre-enrollment course (normally in June, before the academic year begins in September). It’s where they get used to the rigorous academic pace of MBA and get involved in the richness of the school culture. 

During the summer, you will complete three to five courses, including the two required courses — Management and Strategy (1 credit) and Values and Crisis Decision-Making (1/2 credit). The remainder of the schedule consists of electives of your choice and other courses to complement your undergraduate business studies.

The academic year

When the new academic year begins in the fall, one-year (1Y) students are classified as second-year, full-time students, which offers certain advantages in selecting electives. During the fall, winter and spring terms, you’ll complete your remaining electives from the more than 300 available across the academic disciplines and professional programs. 1Y students also have the opportunity to participate in Kellogg’s many experiential learning programs, such as Global Initiatives in Management and Global Lab, which include international travel and consulting with businesses around the world. If students desire a more international experience, they can participate in our study-abroad programs. Upon successful completion of the 15.5 course credits required for the 1Y program, you’ll receive your MBA in June, one year after you started, graduating alongside your 1Y and Two-Year (2Y) Program peers.

Regular admission process

This article will focus on this process which the Kellogg MBA cohort enters the school via this one.  The regular process includes 3 major steps:

1.2. Eligibility for a one-year MBA program in Kellogg 

The one-year program is not limited to only students with undergraduate business majors. However, before enrolling, students in this program must have successfully finished six of the following seven specific business courses: Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Statistics, Operations, Economics, and Organizational Behavior.  

Most students may finish these courses during their undergraduate or master’s degree program while some students will complete the necessary classes post-graduation. Results from undergraduate or graduate-level courses are acceptable, but coursework derived from work experience, inhouse training, or online courses are not valid.

The table below shows each step you can follow to be eligible for the one-year program:

Before applying

Before you apply to the one-year program (1Y), it is ideal when you have completed from three to five of seven required courses as listed here: Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Statistics, Operations, Economics, and Organizational Behavior.

Prior to enrollment

Before you can enroll in a one-year program, you must accomplish six of the seven courses described above. The sixth course should be completed at an accredited university or community college. The pre-enrollment courses need to be completed before the start of the summer quarter. Otherwise, your admission to the one-year MBA program in Kellogg may be revoked. For the above courses, the transcript graduation date must fall within 10 years of application submission and the course must be completed with a grade of B or above. Work experience, AP credits, CFA certifications, or courses previously completed in an online format are not accepted.

By the end of one-year summer

The seventh course must be completed by the end of the 1Y summer quarter. The Office of Student Affairs will determine the schedule for these courses, depending on timing and availability. You will receive credit towards your MBA for the completion of this final course.  

2. Is a one-year MBA program in Kellogg right for me? 

2.1.  Comparison between one-year and two-year programs

The 1Y program in Kellogg is over 50 years old and it was established to allow the students to leverage their academic foundation in business and earn their MBA in the shortest amount of time possible. The program gives you access to the full-time MBA experiences with deep and diverse networks that you’re developing and it also allows you to be out to the workforce for only one year.  The decision whether a one year vs two year MBA is more suitable depends ultimately on your career goals and what you are looking to accomplish through the program apart from career growth and an increased salary.

Here is our table showing the difference between one-year and two-year MBA programs in Kellogg for your reference: 



One-year MBA 

Two-year MBA


Academic Background

Since the program is intense and fast-tracked, the program is more suitable for applicants having strong quantitative backgrounds such as economics, etc.

Candidates from diverse backgrounds are accepted. You can search for the class profile at Kellogg one-year program. 


Work Experience

At the top 1-Year US MBA programs, the average work experience is slightly greater than 5 years.

The average work experience is 4-5 years. 


Career Goals

Due to the intense nature of the program, there are fewer opportunities to explore different career paths before full-time recruitment begins. Thus, candidates should have clear and focused career goals 

Internships and other extra-curricular activities allow candidates to explore different career paths before committing to full-time recruiting. There is also more time to explore elective courses in the 2nd year of the MBA program.



The total estimated expenses for the 1-year Kellogg MBA program are $141,293. Significantly lower than the 2-Year program overall. Besides, the opportunity cost is also lower as you only spend 1-year away from the job market.

The total estimated annual expenses for the 2-year Kellogg MBA program are  $107,197. This brings up the overall expenses to up to $200k+ for 2 years. Besides the significantly higher investment, there is also the opportunity cost of 2 years of lost salary.



Networking may be limited as your interaction with candidates is based solely on your cohort.  And a lack of internship  may lead to the reduction in networking opportunities outside campus. 

A two-year program provides significantly greater networking opportunities both within the campus and outside. You not only get to meet 2nd year students during your first year, but you also get to interact and mentor other first-year students as you advance to the 2nd year of your MBA.


2.2. Is the one-year program in Kellogg right for me?

Let’s focus on a few areas that might help you decide whether a one-year program is right for you.

  • The perks of the 1Y program at Kellogg

It is shorter and hence costs you less than the two-year program. However, it is not two years smashed into one. The pace is the same as a two-year program, which, if you are comparing Kellogg to other 1Y programs, is unique. You will focus on the electives, this means that the program builds on previous academic experience that Kellogg requires you to complete in Economics, Marketing, etc. 

The outcome is essentially the same as a two-year MBA (therefore promises better ROI)

  • The biggest downside of the program is that it doesn’t have the internship. An internship is a great way to get involved in a company/job profile and figure out whether it is suitable for you. Further, if you are a career switcher, you may want to buy some extra time networking with organizations of your choice and exploring newer industries – and internships play a huge role in this context.

The one-year program is designed more for career enhancement. With the 1Y program, you will need to leverage the experience you currently have to get where you want to go. Jumping from something like teaching to banking or an engineering role to a brand management role would be difficult without a summer internship. Therefore with that case, a two-year program might be a better match. 

3. Kellog one-year program MBA applications 

3.1. Application

Application deadlines  Decision released 

Round 1 (Sept 16, 2020): 3 or 4 Pre-Enrollment Courses Complete or Enrolment Underway

Dec 9, 2020

Round 2 (Jan 6, 2021): Pre-Enrollment Courses Complete or Enrollment Underway

March 24, 2021

Round 3 (April 7, 2021): Re-Enrollment Courses Complete and No Visa Required 

May 12, 2021

The one-year MBA application in Kellogg includes: 

  • 1Y Eligibility form (Assesses Pre-enrollment coursework)
  • GMAT/GRE test result:  Kellogg accepts each candidate’s highest GMAT score, no matter how many times they have retaken the exam. If the candidate is unhappy with their score, that applicant should feel free to retake the test and not fear any resulting “penalty”. Here is the GMAT Distribution of enrolled students in Kellogg: 

Up to 640

650 – 690

700 – 740 

750 – 800





  • TOEFL iBT/IELTS/PTE (For international candidates)
  • Transcripts
  • Your updated resume
  • Two letters of recommendation: One should come from your current supervisor and another letter should come from someone who knows you and your work experience well. 
  • Interview report
  • Video essays
  • Two required written essays: one is about leadership and one is about values.
  • Additional Short Essay Question: 

Besides two required essays, the applicants of the 1Y program in Kellogg will have to respond to an additional question: Please discuss your post-MBA career goal, the current experience you will leverage to support the transition, and the Kellogg 1Y opportunities that will help you reach this goal. (250 words)

Kellogg adds depth and specificity to these essay prompts by asking separate ones for different programs.

If you are applying for one of these options, you should be ready to demonstrate a great deal of intentionality. After all, you are committing to a specialized path that may require additional time and cost. With a limit of just 250 words, you have no choice but cut to the chase, applicants must outline how the degree is necessary to achieve their particular desired outcomes and then tie those goals specifically to the Kellogg program they are targeting and its associated resources. You can find a complete guide on how to approach the career goals essay and analyze an essay in our article below: 

How to ace your MBA career goals?

I want to know more!

3.2. When should I apply 

Kellogg does have the same application deadlines as the other full-time MBA programs. However, given that some of you might have pre-enrollment coursework to complete, you must consider a few things when thinking about targeting your application round. At the time of your application, you don’t need to have all the pre-enrollment courses complete. However, they must be completed with a grade of B or better by June when you enroll. The exception here is Operations. You are allowed to complete Operations over the summer quarter at Kellogg. If you want a decision on your admission before enrolling in the coursework, we recommend that you apply in round 1. This way you can use the winter and the spring quarters to complete any missing courses. 

Kellogg encourages international candidates to apply in Round 1 or 2 to allow time for visa processing. The university also tends to admit One-Year MBA students in Round 1 or 2 to accommodate the programs’ early start date.

Final words

More than 100 years old, Kellogg is a medium-sized MBA program that consistently places near the top of reputable MBA ranking lists, and for the past four decades, the school itself has billed itself as a pioneer of collaborative learning. The one-year program is also listed as a top 10 one-year MBA program in the US and if you want to get an MBA in the shortest amount of time, waive off the basic courses and delve more into electives, Kellogg would definitely be our top suggestion for your choice. 

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